Saturday, April 18, 2020, 12 - 5 pm


Drawing inspiration from historic architecture and remote landscapes, acclaimed watercolourist, Jennifer Annesley, travels extensively to gather new subject matter that has become the foundation of her artistic career. Annesley’s particular focus on extraordinary light filtered through trees & reflecting off snow or filling an interior view with dramatic shadows in classical architecture to soaring mountain peaks full of alpenglow are hallmarks of her exquisitely detailed compositions.

Jennifer’s masterful technique of blending of charcoal with watercolour elevates her work to an unparalleled level of execution. Captivating to look at, these exceptional works of art provide the viewer with an intense sense of atmosphere and place. “… the roundness of sun doesn’t have to be specifically rendered but rather is suggested by the dissolution of form and the geometry of rays around it. It is rewarding and somehow affirming when people notice and understand those details.”

When vernacular terms used to describe architecture can also be used to portray mountains, artists like Annesley can develop their painting "vocabulary" by being able to translate what they see into spectacular imagery using words viewers understand; words like spire, column, fortress, castle, cathedral, and buttress now enjoy a dual meaning in relation to Jennifer’s technically difficult and beautifully rendered paintings.

No artwork is currently available for display online.