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These Quiet Places

Laura Harris
Please join us for the Artist Reception on
Saturday, October 28, 2017

2 - 5 pm

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acrylic, mixed media, canvas
36" x 36"
Artist Studio
$ 4750

acrylic, mixed media, canvas
60" x 48"
Artist Studio
$ 10050


Laura Harris

Laura’s paintings are described as beautifully imperfect, and have the ability to stir powerful emotions, speaking to an inner voice often ignored. Often large in scale with strikingly bold colours and texture, each piece offers discovery. Her process is rooted in memory and imagination, and her emotions are palpable.

When she’s at work, Harris becomes utterly engrossed in her practice. It’s a fully physical task with music turned up loud and paint flying. Laura applies the same love and abandon to all other areas of her life. Exuberant, sensual, and often surprising, Laura's images are known and prized for their irresistible energy.

"I try and create what I ache for. Painting for me is is not work, it's an essential part of living."

Harris' is a positive oeuvre, but there are contrasts in texture and hue that suggest the opposition of forces. Her relationship with light has been compared to that of Turner. As a young child, the Canadian artist learned drawing techniques from her father, who preferred realism but encouraged freedom of expression. Her work is exhibited in galleries across Canada and collected worldwide. Corporate clients include Mercedes Benz, The Ritz Carlton, The Keg and Canaccord.

The Ritz Carlton
Mercedes Benz
The Keg
The Pier Hotel and Spa
Ric's Grill
GeoMetrix Global Software
Cook Roberts Law

2017  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2017  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2017  Mayberry Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2017  Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2016  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2016  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2016  Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2015  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2015  Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2015  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2014  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2014  Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2014  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2014  Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB
2013  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2013  Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2013  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2013  Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB
2013  West End Gallery, Victoria, BC
2012  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2012  West End Gallery, Victoria, BC
2012  Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2012  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2011  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2011  Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2011  West End Gallery, Victoria, BC
2011  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2010  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2010  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2010  The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC
2009  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2009  The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC
2008  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2008  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2008  The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC
2007  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2007  The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC
2007  White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC
2006  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2006  Hollander York Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006  The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC
2006  Main Street Gallery, Sidney, BC
2005  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2005  Main Street Gallery, Sidney, BC
2005  Hollander York Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004  Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2004  Main Street Gallery, Sidney, BC
2004  The Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC

2016 Rebel with a Brush, Lorie Lee Steiner, Arabella Magazine, Canada
2015 Leaking Hearts Magazine, Claire Gruver, South Africa
2015 Palette Play, Ego Magazine, Abigail Barbasa, Dubai
2015 Cella Magazine, Vancouver, Canada
2011 Dreaming Big, Dan Mesec, Whistler Question, Canada
2011 Laura Dreams Big, Holly Fraughton, Pique Magazine, Whistler Canada
2009 The Perfect Canvas, Kim Christie, Chatelaine Magazine (spelled wrong on site), Canada
2007 Laura Harris: Painting in Elegant Chaos, Linda Rogers, FOCUS Magazine, Canada
2007 Paintings Shed Light in Quest for Radiance, Robert Amos, Victoria Times Colonist, Canada
2006 Creating a Landscape of Calm, Ingrid C King, Magazin Art, Canada
2003 Homie at Heart, Dana Michell, Pique Magazine, Whistler Canada
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