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Neil Patterson

Neil Patterson, to his great joy, has discovered the magically liberating impact of colour. Dazzling reds, yellows and blues, manganese violet, sap green and cadmium orange are applied with loose, generous strokes, straight out of the tube. ďItís like going back to childhood,Ē he describes. ďYou forget about rules and just put colours next to one another.Ē Instead of tinting with black and white, Neil finds he can achieve a three-dimensional effect by mixing paint on the canvas so that certain areas sink behind the pure colours. Patterson believes colour is the essence of painting. He uses an impressionistic ďAlla PrimaĒ style of painting to convey his ideas through landscapes and floral in both Plein Air and studio painting.

Between 1969 and 1972, Neil studied painting at the University of Calgary. He also studied at Ted Goerschners Masters Class in California, the Scottsdale Artists' School, and Scottsdale, AZ and at the Charles Movalli Workshop. Neil Patterson was elected, in 1993, as a member of the prestigious group of intellectuals and artists known as the Salmagundi Club of New York.  He has numerous awards to his credit, and has been published in several newspapers and monthly periodicals.  Neil continues a history of very successful exhibitions across North America, including San Antonio, TX, Jackson, WY, New York, NY, Scottsdale, AZ, Great Falls, MT, Vancouver, BC, and Banff, Calgary and Edmonton, AB.

Neil Patterson is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists, the Federation of Canadian Artists, and the first Canadian to be awarded signature membership of the Oil Painters of America (O.P.A.). In March 2000, he was selected from a company of more than 6000 O.P.A. members to be awarded the status of Master Signature Member, becoming the 34th painter in the elite group.  In the summer of 2002, Neil was awarded second place in the OPAís 12th annual juried exhibition of traditional oils.


"I was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and it was a reproduction of a Tom Thomson painting in my elementary classroom that first got me to dream about painting. Unfortunately, there werenít any art galleries in Moose Jaw and I had little exposure to original art until I visited my aunt in Ottawa when I was twelve. She took me to the National Gallery and thatís when I decided to become a painter.

I bought a book titled ďHow to PaintĒ and read it on the train ride back to Moose Jaw. My aunt sent me a set of oils for my thirteenth birthday and I created my first masterpiece on a canvas belt I found in my fatherís workshop. That belt was so thick it almost stood up by itself and I didnít even know to prime it first, but thatís how I got started.

My mother always told me that if I wanted something bad enough I would find a way to do it. My mind was set on painting and so I determined to make a success of myself. Over the years Iíve come to realize that thereís really no such thing as talent. Itís more desire than anything. Anyone can learn to paint competently and after that itís just a little something of yourself, call it soul, which has to go into the work.

When people ask me what inspires or motivates me to paint, I simply tell them ďI love painting.Ē Painting to me is like being a kid again; I get to play, but now itís with paint instead of toys. I like how the paint moves on the canvas, how it can be a million different colors, what happens when you set one color next to another and what happens when theyíre mixed together. For me painting is about feeling rather than thinking. Itís a spontaneous, creative, serendipitous process whereby I allow the evolving shapes and colors on the canvas to speak to me. I use loose brush strokes which, by definition, involve a certain lack of control. They are intuitive rather than calculated.  

I paint mostly from memory. When I see a sky, I like to put that in my visual memory bank, and on another day I might add an appealing cluster of trees or an intriguing bend in the river. As I paint, I become a creator. I simply plant a tree or move a mountain in order to create a scene that pleases me visually. The final composition becomes a composite of many impressions. Each of us remembers things in a certain way that is our own reality, so I am painting things the way I remember them, perhaps not exactly as they were.

I think of my work as a visual expression of the emotion and passion evoked by a particular image. It is more important for me to capture the feeling of a place than it is to copy it realistically in every detail.

I paint what I love and see around me, scenes that speak to me, places I want to explore. I try to capture moments of light, color and atmosphere which spark my imagination. I want to create my own personal version of reality and entice the viewer to share it with me."

ďA photograph is what it is; a painting is what you want it to be.Ē

Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
Master Signature Member, Oil Painters of America (OPA)
Signature Member, Alberta Society of Artists (ASA)
Signature Member, Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA)
Honorary, Society of Canadian Artists
Signature Member, Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters (RMPAP)
Tucson Plein Air Painters
Laguna Plein Air Painters
California Club
Plein Air Painters of Alberta
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society

2008-14   President, Oil Painters of America
2002-14   Member, Board of Directors, Oil Painters of America
2013   Honorary Membership, Society of Canadian Artists
2012   Lifetime Achievement Award, Federation of Canadian Artists
2006-07   Vice-President, Oil Painters of America
2002   Award of Excellence Second Place , Everett Raymond Kinstler
2001   Juror of Awards, Oil Painters of America, Springville, UT
2000   Awarded Master Signature Member, Oil Painters of America
1999   Top 100, Art for the Parks
1996-98   Top 200, Art for the Parks
1995   Top 100, Art for the Parks
1993   Elected Artist Member, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1993   Non-member Show, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1993   Signature Member, Federation of Canadian Artists
1992   Premier National Juried Exhibition, Oil Painters of America; Chicago, IL
1991   Finalist, Artists Magazine Landscape Competition
1991   Robert Genn Award, Federation of Canadian Artists
1987-89   Sunshine Village Purchase Awards
1988   Gifts for Dignitaries, Olympic Organizing Committee
1984   Membership, Alberta Society of Artists
1978   Mural Commission, Petro-Chemical Plant; Joffrey, AB
Co-chair Exhibitions, Oil Painters of America
Signature Advisory Board Chair, Oil Painters of America
First Canadian awarded Signature Member, Oil Painters of America
Collection, Shaoguan Museum, China
Collection, Wengyeun Museum, China
Signature Membership, Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
Honorary Advisor, Wengshan Institute of Poetry, Calligraphy, and Painting, Wengshan, China

Alberta Art Foundation
Alberta Government Telephones
Alberta Housing Corporation
Alberta Treasury Branch
Alberta Wheat Pool
Amoco Canada
ATCO Enterprises
Black & Company
Canada Utilities
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
CJ Campbell
Coles Nikiforuk Pennel
Esso Resources
Gruman, Brown & Crossfield
Heritage Hotels
Heritage Savings and Trust
Home Oil
Howard Mackie
Macleod Dixon
Milner Fenerty
Northern Telecom
OCO 88
Ogilvie & Company
Pioneer Oil & Gas
Royal Bank of Canada
Stanford Perrott
Sunshine Village
University of Calgary

1969 - 72 University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Charles Movalli Workshop
The Scottsdale Artist's School, Scottsdale, AZ
Ted Goerschner's Masters Class, CA


2016   Canada House Gallery, AB
2014   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
2013   Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2012   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
2011   Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2010   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
2009   Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2008   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
2001-07   Canada House Gallery, Calgary, AB
2005-06   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
2004-06   West End Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1999-03   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
2002   West End Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2001   Adele Campbell, Whistler BC
2000   Pacific Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1999   Buffalo Trails, Big Fork, MT
1999   Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1998-99   Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
1997   Flower Show Tutt Street Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1995-97   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
1995   Medicine Hat Museum, Medicine Hat, AB
1993   Masterís Gallery, Calgary, AB
1987   Wallace Gallery, Calgary, AB
1983   Kiln Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
1982   Renaissance Gallery, Calgary, AB
1979   Quest Gallery, Calgary, AB
1979   Walsh Gallery, Red Deer, AB
1978   Muttart Gallery, Calgary, AB
1978   Sequoia Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1975   Canadian Guild of Crafts, Toronto, ON
1975   History of Ceramics in Alberta, Calgary, AB & Edmonton, AB
1974   Rubiyat Gallery, Calgary, AB


2016   Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2014   Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
2000-14   Oil Painters of America
2012-14   Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
1994-13   CM Russell, Great Falls, MT
2012-13   Federation of Canadian Artists
1999-12   Alicat Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
2010   Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
2008-09   Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
2005-06   Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT
2005   Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2004-05   Snow Fire, Estes Park, CO
2004-05   West End Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2004-05   Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
2001-03   Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2000-01   Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2000   Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
2000   Federation of Canadian Artists
1999   Plein Air Invitational, Carmel, CA
1999   Pacific Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1999   Arts for the Parks
1998   Federation of Canadian Artists
1998   Tutt Street Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1998   Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
1998   Salmagundi Club, New York,NY
1997-98   Oil Painters of America
1997-98   Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB
1997-98   Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
1995-1997   Arts for the Parks
1997   Hillcrest International Exhibition, California
1996   Hammond Galleries, Ohio
1994-95   Oil Painters of America
1993-94   Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1992-94   Scottsdale Artistsí School, Scottsdale, AZ
1991-93   Federation of Canadian Artists
1992   Oil Painters of America
1990   Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
1990   IBM, Banff, AB
1989-90   State of the Arts Beaver House, Edmonton, AB
1987-90   Sunshine Village, Banff, AB
1988-90   Alberta Society of Artists
1985-86   Alberta Society of Artists
1983-90   Leighton Centre, Calgary, AB
1988   Olympic Organizing Committee, Calgary, AB
1983   Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
1981   Muttart Gallery, Calgary, AB
1978-80   Artisans, Bragg Creek, AB
1977   Annex Gallery, Calgary, AB
1976   Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB
Best of Plein Air Laguna Plein Air Painters
Shaoguan, China
Weng Yeun, China
University of Shaoguan, China
Desheng International Canvas Week Exhibition, Shunde, China
Kwan Wu Sculpture Art Museum, Nanhai, China
Master Liu Calligraphy Museum, Wengyuan, China
Shaoguan Museum, Shaoguan, China
Donghuasi Buddhist Temple, China

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2005   100 Ways to Paint Still Life & Florals
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2000   CFCN Television
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1995   The Best of Flower Painting: North Light Books, Cincinnati
1993   Access Television Network
1991   The Artistsí Magazine, December
1990   Signature Magazine Cover, Edmonton
1990   Atco Enterprises Ltd. Christmas Card
1985   CTV Network News
1985   CFCN Television
1982   The Calgary Herald
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1975   Red Deer Advocate
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1973   Tactile Magazine, March/April
1962   Observer Magazine
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Cowboys and Indian Magazine USA
Liliedahi Video Productions 3 DVDís
Design and Composition: Secrets of Professional Artists
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