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Upcoming Exhibition Schedule

Jun 17, 2017
10 am - noon, Gallery & Wine Hop 2 - 5 pm
Donna Jo Massie - The Joy of Mountains

book launch for "The Joy of Mountains" & relaunch of "A Rocky Mountain Sketchbook"

Saturday, June 17

Artist's reception & book launch 10 am - noon

Gallery & Wine Hop 2 - 5 pm

Join famed local artist, Donna Jo Massie, as she launches her new book, The Joy of Mountains. Massie illustrates and describes watercolour techniques of painting the stunning mountains from Alaska, The Canadian Rockies and New Mexico. A selection of 20 paintings will be on display to show Massie's far-reaching talents.


Previous Exhibitions
Saturday, May 13, 2017
2 - 5 pm

150 pieces of Canadian Art for


Canada House Gallery is proud to present 150 pieces of quintessentially Canadian Art to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary! Featuring these 15 artists, 10 pieces each!

Join us for the artists' reception on Saturday May 13 2 - 5 pm and meet these 9 artists: Bill Brownridge, Floyd Elzinga, Bill Henderson, Sheila Kernan, Robert Lemay, Paul Reimer, Dieter Schlatter, Peter Shostak & Janice Iniskim-Aki Tanton

Exhibition runs May 10-23, 2017

Bill Brownridge

Floyd Elzinga

Bill Henderson

Sheila Kernan

Robert Lemay

Glenn Payan

Paul Reimer

Allen Sapp

Dieter Schlatter

Peter Shostak

Mike Svob

Janice Iniskim-Aki Tanton

Ningeokuluk Teevee

Les Thomas

Peter Wyse

Apr 22, 2017
2 - 5 pm
Like Father, Like Daughter - 20 Years Later
Robert Genn & Sara Genn

Nearly 3 years after Robert Genn's passing, and 20 years since their last joint exhibition at Canada House Gallery, we celebrate Robert & Sara Genn together.

Join Sara & Carol Genn at Canada House Gallery on Saturday April 22, 2 - 5 pm and delight in a stunning collection of her recent paintings as well as a collection of 15 - 20 paintings by Robert Genn dating from 1964 – 2013.

Saturday, March 25, 2017
2 - 5 pm
Cameron Bird

Cameron Bird has grown up with a passion for the outdoors. Whether it was a family camping trip to the west coast of British Columbia, a hunting excursion deep into the backwoods of the northern interior or time spent exploring northern Ontario on his grandparents' farm, Cameron developed a love for nature and its surroundings at an early age. This love and passion has grown over the years and has become the foundation of the artist so many have come to know today. This is our inaugural solo exhibition for Cameron Bird – we are honoured to present his oil paintings to our collectors and friends.

Exhibition runs Wed March 22 - Wed April 5

Artist's reception Saturday March 25 2 - 5 pm

Cameron Bird

Saturday, March 4, 2017
2 - 5 pm
Richard Cole
Fleeting Moment: Figure, Animal, Land

Exhibition runs Wed March 1 – Tues March 14

Artist's reception Saturday March 4, 2-5pm

Fleeting Moment: Figure, Animal, Land

In this new series of work my goal was to break rules that I have set up for myself over the years. I wanted to think about how to paint time. I wanted to paint fleeting moments,so I set myself up for a challenge. Can I paint a figure dancing? Can I paint a sun beam through a forest wall? I wanted to break self inflicted rules and see what happens.

What I discovered was a harmony between my approach to the landscape and those that inhabit it. To paint a figure in action within a landscape painting is not only natural, but it also creates a narrative within the painting. To paint a deer on an open plain gives the viewer a introduction to a story, a story with weather.

In this series I also use light to direct the viewer's gaze. This is perhaps an old tool — painters have been using the illusion of light in the picture since the Renaissance — but it's an important tool. By painting the light on the fur of a wolf, I draw the viewer to the wolf, following where the light falls. It's the same with the snow on a mountain peak or in the white of an ocean wave — the light keeps the viewer in the painting.

These paintings are all connected. Are they sharing a time of day? A season over western Canada? Something joins them together. I hope it's time. I hope it's that fleeting moment where we see the scene, and we suddenly feel the change that is already coming.

Richard Cole

Feb 18, 2017
2 - 5 pm
Peaks & Gems
Don Weir & LULU B Designs

Come meet 2 of the newest artists to join Canada House Gallery

Don is best known for his oil paintings capturing first light on mountains peaks! His clean, crisp compositions will grace our walls, and Don is looking forward to meeting you all.

LuLu B designs and shares her passion for geology with her sparkly and gemmy jewellery. She will bring her collection of stones and beads and create custom work just for you!

Join us for the Family Day weekend and meet these two marvelous artists on Saturday February 18 2-5pm.

Don Weir

Saturday, February 4, 2017
2 - 5 pm
Allen Sapp 1928-2015 - A Retrospective

Canada House Gallery is very proud to feature a comprehensive retrospective of Allen Sapp's work thirteen months after his passing. Born in 1928 on the Red Pheasant Reserve, Saskatchewan, Sapp rose through adverse conditions, a harsh upbringing to share his memories and experiences through a naive and honest style of painting. This exhibition will feature over 50 paintings dating from the 1960's to 2011.

In 1975 Sapp was accepted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Art and in 1987 was awarded the Officer of the Order of Canada. In 2003, he received the Governor General's Award for English language children's illustration for the book, The Song Within My Heart.

Allen Sapp passed away on Dec 28, 2015.

Exhibition runs Wed Feb 1 – Tues Feb 14

Reception Saturday February 4, 2 - 5 pm

Allen Sapp

January 3

Tim Pitsiulak
1967 - 2016

With sadness and great respect, we say good-bye to one of Canada's premier Inuit artists, Tim Pitsiulak. He died Dec 23, 2016 in Iqaluit, where he was being treated for pneumonia. He is survived by his seven children and his wife Mary.

"I am a hunter and I know the land and animals of the north. I am particularly inspired by the bowhead whale, because nobody really knows much about them. My inspiration to be an artist comes from my aunt, Kenojuak Ashevak, because she is the oldest and the best." -Tim Pitsiulak

Tim Pitsiulak was drawn to the arts and various forms of artistic expression for many years. He started to draw as a young boy and later took up carving as well. He also expressed his artistry in jewellery-making. Best known for his strong graphic images, he has contributed to the annual Dorset Print Collection since 2005.

The land and its wildlife were initially the primary influences on Tim's realist drawing style. More recently he has become a chronicler of the everyday, drawing large format, meticulously detailed depictions of boats, heavy equipment and airplanes – the machinery of modern life in Cape Dorset.

Tim was a hunter and his respect for the natural world and its wildlife was fundamental to his artistic sensibility. Tim was particularly inspired by the whales that frequent the cold, Arctic waters - the beluga and the bowhead. The bowhead in particular is a majestic and mysterious creature and frequently he will embellish his drawings of these animals with 'tattoos' of ancient artifacts. His artistic career was recently featured in the 2012 summer issue of The Walrus magazine and in 2013 he attended a very productive printmaking workshop at New Leaf Studios in Vancouver.

We are grateful for Tim's rich talents and are honoured to present these original drawings in coloured pencil.


Tim Pitsiulak

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