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Robert Genn
If you are looking to sell work by Robert Genn CLICK HERE
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Read Robert Genn’s letter The Bomb here

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acrylic, canvas
16 x 20 in.  
$ 6875 CDN SOLD
acrylic, canvas
11 x 14 in.  
$ 3825 CDN SOLD
oil, panel
16 x 20 in.  
$ 6875 CDN SOLD
acrylic, canvas
20 x 24 in.  
$ 9020 CDN
acrylic, canvas
36 x 48 in.  
$ 43225 CDN SOLD
acrylic, canvas
30 x 34 in.  
$ 20230 CDN

Robert Genn


May 1936 - May 2014

"The biggest thing is the appreciation of the magnificent universe we have around us. Being a painter, particularly, is beyond belief as a way of honouring that. Painting – particularly painting on location – is almost like a prayer. It's defined who I am and what I am."

Robert Genn's work has become well known internationally as he is recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished painters. His manner of portraying subjects along Canada’s West Coast received acclaim in North America and throughout the world. Robert Genn painted in most parts of Canada as well as in South America, the U.S.A., Europe and the Orient.

Robert Genn worked mainly in acrylic paint on canvas. He liked to put his own stamp on nature’s grand themes. His techniques included a tradition of strong design: harmonic patterns and colour arrangements that poignantly capture the essence of the composition. His personal style was unmistakable, as grand themes were often translated and transformed into small panels in a manner reminiscent of several of the “Group of Seven” members. Although the influence of this group and their contemporaries is evident in his paintings, Robert successfully extended many of their techniques as he produced images that are distinctively refreshing in design and colour.

Robert Genn’s autobiographical book “In Praise of Painting” provides a rare opportunity to obtain insight on the early progress of a Canadian painter. His paintings can be found in major collections throughout North America and Europe.

Robert Genn

Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB
Government of Belguim
Shell Oil

2014 The Globe & Mail

2014 Vancouver Sun

2007 YouTube video
2007 YouTube video
2007 Galleries West
2006 Galleries West

1957 Art Centre School, Los Angeles, CA
1957 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
1956 Victoria College, Victoria, BC
1953 Victoria College, Victoria, BC
1947 Watercolour lessons with Will Menlaws
1945 Saturday morning art classes with John Lidstone

2014 Honouring a Lifetime of Painting, 4 Gallery exhibition with Canada House Gallery, Mayberry Fine Art (Toronto). Hambleton Gallery (Kelowna, BC) & White Rock Gallery (White Rock, BC)
2013 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2012 The Bugaboos & Other High Places, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2011 Robert Genn & The Bugaboo 10, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2010 Recent Works, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2009 New Work, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2007 Mountain Work, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2006 Solo Exhibition, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2006 Surrey Art Gallery
2004 Solo Exhibition, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2003 Wonder of Water, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2002 Lake O'Hara Magic, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2002 Year of the Mountain, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2001 Solo Exhibition, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB

1981 In Praise of Painting
2000 The Painters' Keys: A Seminar with Robert Genn
2008 Love Letters to Art
2009 Robert Genn The Twice-Weekly Letters July 10, 1999 to Sept 25, 2009

All images copyrighted by the artists.